3-D Discipleship 

What is Discipleship?

The intentional growth in the character and conduct of the teaching and lifestyle of a leader someone submits themself to. As Christians we pursue intentional growth in the character and conduct of our leader, Jesus Christ. 
What is a Disciple? 

A disciple is someone who follows another person or way of life, who submits themself to the discipline (or teaching) of that leader. Jesus' commission to His first followers was to make disciples of all nations.  As a local church we follow in this great mission.   

Below, you'll find the 6 SHAPES that make up 3-Dimensional Discipleship.  In addition you will find a discipleship assessment that can provide a snapshot of your own discipleship.  Use these visuals, descriptions, and assessment  to help you become a more faithful disciple.


John 15:1-12

Disciples of Jesus learn to abide in Him & practice regular rhythms of rest and work 


Matthew 16:13-27

Jesus formed disciples by calibrating joy and challenge in their lives


Matthew 6:9-13

A disciple lives an intentional life of prayer modeled after Jesus 


Luke 6:12-19

Disciples, leaders, & churches live an intentional, relational life focused on Gospel, Community, & Mission 


Mark 1:14-15

Disciples of Jesus pay attention to the circumstances of their lives.


Mark 1:15-20, Luke 12:32-34, John 15:12-17, Matthew 28:18-20

Disciples of Jesus live intentional lives of developing other disciples from enthusiastic incompetence to confident competence