Vacation Bible School


June 12th - 16th
6:00pm - 8:15pm every evening

God Sightings

God hasn’t retired, you know. He’s as busy now as he’s ever been. But until you see that with your own eyes, it’s tough to have a vibrant faith. God can seem distant or impersonal. We have to make it a habit to keep an eye out for the overwhelming evidence that God is doing great things all around us.
At Monumental VBS, everyone learns to look for God Sightings — everyday clues that God is present, passionate, and does great things. A God Sighting is simply an acknowledgment that God has done something. It’s developing a God-focused view and a grateful heart. Younger children, teenagers, and adults will discover that they can see God’s hand in things like Scripture, people, circumstances, and nature.

All week long, we'll be celebrating God’s greatness! Imagine being at a place like Monument Valley or the Grand Canyon. When you look around, everything you see is big and grand! From the huge, intricate rock formations to the wide open spaces, places like those can make you feel small. 

God’s greatness is big and grand, too! But even though God is so big, he doesn’t distance himself from us. God loves us, goes with us, and wants to be our friend. This can also change the way you view other people. Every person you meet is someone who was made in God’s great image!

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Road Trip Overview

Day 1: God Loves You No Matter What
Day 2: God Is With You Everywhere
Day 3: God Is In Charge
Day 4: God Is Stronger Than Anything
Day 5: God Is Surprising

It's Going To Be MONUMENTAL!!!