Church Challenge

The Goal of Uplift...

We want to make an impact in the community, as a united church, by lifting each other up. Whether it's by providing mental/spiritual assistance or collecting donations as a group, our goal is to Glorify the Lord through making a difference to those in need.


Stanton Healthcare
April 17th thru May 15th
Stanton Healthcare Baby Bottle Drive
Providing life-affirming healthcare to women facing unexpected pregnancies at no charge. The Baby Bottle Drive gives crucial support for Stanton's mission: to protect mother and baby. Simply fill an empty baby bottle (VLCC provides) with cash, coins, or a check written to Stanton Healthcare.

Stanton Supply List for Newborns
Along with the baby bottle drive, Stanton Healthcare lists a few basic items. They will be packaged in gift baskets to new moms, as though they were given at a baby shower. Please collect these NEW items as you feel called.  
- Baby clothes sizes 3-, 6-, 9-, 12-months  
- Onesies, booties, bibs, shirts, pants, dresses  
- Receiving blankets (bigger but lightweight)  
- Burp cloths (including cloth diapers)  
- Small developmental toy or baby’s first bottle
- Baby’s first name initial to hang on nursery wall  
- Shelf cubes for presentation (collapsible cloth style preferred)

Every Sunday, we will collect items listed above. Please turn in all collected items by May 15th.
For more information, visit StantonHealthcare.org